DJ 8 Ball: DC Urban Scene's #1 DJ
187 Productions

The 187 Productions Team

187 Productions was started in 2004 by Rashad Jefferson (DJ 8 Ball) and Karim Lewis (Brotha Hood) to showcase local DC talent. Not since the days of Go-Go have up and coming artists in DC gotten much of a look from the labels. Call it want you want but we called it unfair. Playing clubs all over DC for years, we see the kinda talent this city has to offer. And we want to help give htem the same breaks we got over the years.

What 187 Productions Looks For

Talent, straight up. And a desire to be the best. We look for that raw talent, whether you're DJing, rippin up the mic, or soulful like Marvin. We want to give you the chance to show off that talent, to grow, and to make things happen in the music world. Show us that talent, and we will show it to the world.

Why Do You Want 187 Productions?

Everybody out there think they gonna move mountains on their own. That's how we all came up. But the business ain't like that, it ain't fair. Trust us, we been through it. You need someone that can hear you, feel you, and come straight about what your chances are. We ain't gonna waste your time with unrealistic promises. And we ain't gonna make you pay up front for promotion, recording, or all the other games we've seen before. What we will do is use our contacts, who always are looking for something fresh. That's what 15 years in this business gets you. We know people but we don't sit around dropping names. Contact 187 Productions with the link down below and let us tell you more about what we've done for others and what we can do for you.